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cooking diary & special diet

Hi everybody – you love good food and like to experiment in the kitchen? Then join me and this blog. I’m crazy about food and love to cook – especially on weekends when I find enough time for it. You will find a lot of recipes free of gluten and fructose. Hope you will find some you like . Let me know.

Food is something very sensual, when I am in the kitchen I get inspired by the flavour, odor, color and texture of it. Together with a variety of spices, cooking is a very creative process.

I love to cook for my hungry guests and friends. Very often they ask me, for the recipe – and I only can give them a rough guideline.

So that’s where this food blog comes into play.

Instead of trying to write down the recipes just only for my friends, I thought I could go directly virtual. So everybody can read my kind of “cooking diary”.

But there is an other reason, too. Some of my friends and family members have to follow very strict diets. They can’t eat gluten or fructose. Finding good and delicious recipes especially for a fructose free diet isn’t
easy at all.

So I hope this blog gives you a little motivation and new cooking ideas.

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