Caramel Pudding


  • 12 Tbsp sugar
  • 5 dl milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 vanilla pod/bean


  1. put 10 Tbsp sugar with very little water in a pan. Let it caramelize, till it has this beautiful caramel colour. Be careful as darker the sugar gets, as bitterer it will taste.
  2. pour the caramel syrup in fire-proof crockery, where at least 1.2 liter liquid will find space
  3. add the milk, the vanilla pod and 2 Tbsp sugar in a pan, warm the mixture up till it is lukewarm
  4. put the two eggs in the bowl and stir them, till they have the double volume and are nice and fluffy
  5. while stirring, add slowly the milk (without vanilla pod) to the beaten eggs
  6. pour the mixture on top of the caramelized sugar in the fire-proof crockery , put it on the water filled tray in the cold! oven
  7. turn on the oven on 180°C let the mixture bake for about 45 minutes
  8. make the toothpick test: sting with a toothpick in the pudding, when nothing sticks at it, the pudding is done
  9. lett it cool down, put it in the fridge for a bout three hours


  • don’t open the oven door in the first 40 minutes, otherwise the mixture will fall together
  • what ever crockery you use, it has to have double space of the amount milk you use.


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