Persian Rice


  • 250 gr basmati rice (for example Tilda)
  • 2 potatoes
  • salt
  • butter or sunflower oil
  • saffron


  1. wash the rice and then soak it over night in a bowl with water and some salt
  2. next evening: peel the potatoes and cut it in thin slices meanwhile give some saffron in a little cup with 1 table-spoon water
  3. similar to pasta cook water in a big pot till it boils, add very little salt and the washed rice from the night before without the water
  4. as soon the rice is coming to the surface, strain the water and keep the rice
  5. in another pot you either take melted butter or some sunflower oil, cover the bottom of the pot with the sliced potatoes
  6. put all the rice except 3 table-spoon on top of the sliced potatoes. Mix the rest of the rice with the saffron and then put in a corner of the rice. Make some whole with the knife and add some drops of water and some oil or butter. Cover the lid with a kitchen towel and put the pot on very low fire for about 35 to 45 minutes. Then test if done.
  7. Carefully give the saffron rice in a cup and put the white rice on a tray. Then give the saffron rice on top of it. Know it looks like a yellow snow mountain. Put the crispy potato (we call it tadik) around it.
  8. Ready to serve.


  • You can leave the saffron away. That’s the way my Mum does it for the daily rice.
  • You can also leave the potatoes away, so you get crispy rice. Before you serve it, flip it over on a plate. Then it looks like a rice cake.
  • for further rice recipe check out the post Zereshk Polo

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