Austrian Kaiserschmarren

Feeling like breakfast and dessert? Then go for the Kaiserschmarren it can be both and makes you happy.

Kuku Sabzi

Classical Persian food – easy and tasty. A good way to check out a new food culture.

Mozzarella Eggplant Pasta

Fed up off the classical pasta dish with tomato sauce? Then go for this new pasta creation. The summer is calling.

Vanilla Custard

Nice dessert after a heavy dinner. You can easily prepare it in advance.

Sesame Potato Wedges

Looking for the little extra twist? Then try out this potatoes. They are simple and tasty. Potato heaven!


Bella Italia is awaiting you. Simple pasta at it’s best.


The perfect meal for rainy or cold days. It will warm-up body, mind and soul.

Parmesan Egg

An extraordinary way of cooking an egg: serves as breakfast or goes with salad as a starter.

Iranian Zoolbia

The perfect end of a great menu: sweet, warm and crispy with a touch of 1001 Nights.